Are Long Hairstyles Suitable For You? Discover the Pros and Cons of Long Hair

Like many other people, I used to think long hairstyles were the only ones suitable for women. In fact, I thought they were also just right for men. Since I was looking to be as attractive as possible, I also wore all kinds of long hairstyles. Not only did I have long hair, I had luscious hair that went all the way down to my tail bone. Therefore, it is safe to say I understand what it takes to maintain long hairstyles, as well as their pitfalls.

Until you start wearing long styles, you don’t know how much work they really involve. For example, if you want your pony tail to look even remotely frisky, you will have to undo it at least twice a day, and then make sure the fine teeth of a comb go through every strand of hair with ease. You might also want to wash your hair twice a day, and use special conditioners to control spit ends. Without a question, if you haven’t had long hairstyles, you don’t know what it is to sit for hours on end getting rid of tangles that happen if you so much as look at your hair in the mirror the wrong way.

Did long hairstyles pay off when I went out on a date? That’s a matter of debate. Of course, all that lovely hair of mine swinging too and fro made an impression. I could say that it always got more a few looks, whistles and stares. On the other hand, in the summer, there is no cooling off when you have long hair. If you decide to tease your bangs upward, eventually they will flop right into your eyes. Winter is not much better. Try getting all that hair to stay still in a brisk wind. No matter what your significant other says, it is not fun dating a sheepdog that no amount of spray net can hold in place.

One fine day, I was sitting there for the billionth time looking through long hair styles, and wondering which one to wear. A strange thing happened. I got to thinking it would be lovely not to have all that hair weighing me down. Before I gave it another thought, I did the socially unthinkable. I cut all that hair off without even looking in a mirror. A few snips, and I was free from my prison of hair.

Today, I am proud to say I have not gone back to long hairstyles in over 10 years. While some people may think long hairstyles are mandatory, they need to think again. If you want to be able to finger comb your hair in the morning and look great all day, go with something shorter. That said, if you have time to waste brushing your hair 3 – 4 times a day, go ahead and wear your hair long. Just don’t forget all that hair will plague you at times when it is supposed to make you look more attractive than usual.